Rómulo Calvo: “The Inter-Institutional Committee has completed its cycle”

Rómulo Calvo: "The Inter-Institutional Committee has completed its cycle"

May 5, 2023, 8:58 AM

May 5, 2023, 8:58 AM

The former civic leader Romulo Calvo supports the decision of the board of directors of the Committee for Santa Cruz to distance itself from the Inter-institutional Committee led by the state company Santa Cruz on suspicion of a “parallelism“institutional. He considers that this instance “has completed its cycle” and could be used for political purposes.

“Institutionality cannot be separated, it cannot be used for political purposes, but now more than ever we must be united. I believe this Inter-institutional Committee has completed its cycleAt the time when it was called and I was part of it, it was because there were other political actors who really benefited from the census, such as the Mayor’s Office and the Governor’s Office,” said the former civic leader.

Calvo valued the work carried out by the Inter-institutional Committee last year during the fight for an immediate Population and Housing Census, but affirmed that this is not the time to have two committees and that all actions in defense of democracy should be coordinated with the civic entity.

“The Committee for Santa Cruz is always open to support and support all citizen initiatives. They are part of the UAGRM and can come to present in an extended directory to take the definitions, but we cannot in any way divideCalvo said.

On Wednesday, the current civic president Fernando Larach He stated that, in an expanded board of directors, it was decided not to participate in this new reorganization of the Inter-institutional Committee, whose spokesperson is Vice Chancellor Reinerio Vargas.

“The institutionality of Santa Cruz is represented within the Committee for Santa Cruz. We have understood that any other commission that is satisfied, could generate parallelism and cause division towards the institutions of Santa Cruz”, stated Larach.

Yesterday, after returning from an academic trip in the interior of the country, the vice-chancellor referred to the unchecking of the civics, stating that does not share this decision, but respects it. He said that, despite this distancing, they will continue to be invited to future meetings of the Interinstitutional Committee.

“If you are thinking that you want to draw a parallel, there is nothing more false. It was thanks to this committee that all the progress was made in terms of the census (…) The university will continue with full security and the university does not need to ask anyone’s permission to convene or meet with institutions and it is not parallelism,” Vargas remarked to the DTV network.

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