Romina Celeste said that Lacalle and Heber are cocaine users. The PN could kick her out

Romina Celeste assured that Lacalle Pou and Heber have used cocaine together.
Romina Celeste assured that Lacalle Pou and Heber have used cocaine together.

The National Party militant, Romina Celeste Papasso Oliver, once again became the center of attention in the right-wing group after assuring, live on her TikTok account, that Luis Lacalle Pou and Luis Alberto Heber are cocaine usersand that, in addition, they had done it together.

“I think that Lacalle Pou has it [a Luis Alberto Heber, en el gobierno] because he’s from 71 and he’s been in Uruguayan politics for 30 years, and he’s a friend of his father and this and that. And they got drunk and marketed together. They have taken merchandise together. If not, that guy would no longer be a minister because he is a disaster,” Papasso said at the live that went viral.

But he did not stop there, adding: “Everything he said [el presidente Lacalle Pou] In the campaign he falls, he falls completely ”responding to an exchange with a follower of his with whom he was speaking in virtual space.

According to publications from the Montevideo Portal, this video reached the highest levels of the National Party in the last few hours and will be dealt with in the commission, to determine whether to be expelled for it. This is a “hot” issue, one of the informants would have said, also because it occurs when Gustavo Penadés’ situation seems unflattering.

Romina Celeste: accusations against Penadés, Lacalle and Heber

Papasso Oliver was the first person to denounce the PN senator, Gustavo Penadésfor alleged sexual abuse and pedophilia committed against her when she was still a minor and had not transitioned to her current gender identity and expression.

Since then, they have joined 7 more complainants and some that could be added are being analyzed, if they configure specific complaints. Papasso was 13 years old when he assures that the events happened.

This Thursday, the Senate deals with the impeachment request and it would have to be voted on in the Upper House: two thirds are necessary for it to become effective.

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