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Rolando Cordera Campos: The dark juncture


after relaunch of mass politics, to qualify in some way last Sunday’s event, we can only wait for its consummation. Some of the squires of analytical finesse have warned us against summary judgments, for example, that of assimilating this Fourth Transformation to the rebirth of the PRI like a Phoenix, always faithful, as the Pope would say, but the truth is that the duck does not quack and if it swims and flies, or pretends to do so, like a duck. We will see.

For now, the disputes are arbitrated on the railings and even in the investigation folders of the Prosecutor’s Office and an elementary projection of the method would tell us that in the end they will all end up in jail, as a tribute to a good Italian movie about the mafia of those times. A very dangerous game to which, however, several of the most visible representatives of democratic politics are dedicated hard. Almost a textbook oxymoron.

And so the hours and days go by, even if it doesn’t seem like it. One would like that present continuous coined by beloved Norbert Lechner to become a living reality, despite its density and specific weight, but at least since 2008 the famous great moderation it went into retirement and the world entered an already long and dark alley of financial instabilities, trends towards stagnation and other major features that point to a crisis that, due to its initial ravages, must be something more, much more, than just economic.

In our case, it is about, José Woldenberg proposes us in his splendid Democracy in the darktitle added to In defense of democracy (2019) and against authoritarianism (2021), to continue pointing out the danger that Mexican democracy faces. To insist that what has been put at stake is the foundation of respect that had been erected since the end of the last century.

As its title suggests, with the passing of days and the many occurrences from the government and its party, our political exchanges are losing visibility and contours. For now, there is no clarity in the surroundings, despite the Sunday presumptions of Mr. Delgado and company.

The complex taxonomies of this self-denying democracy are the object of Woldenberg’s scrutiny and careful analytical experience, who points out scenarios of intense concern and anguish because much of what we have erected with enormous costs and pawns. It is the entire building that appears to be under siege. Nothing else, they seem the signals that from the Palace aim to reinforce the unipersonal power.

Authoritarianism or democracy? It is the axis that crosses Democracy in the dark, theme of sleeplessness and vital commitments of Woldenberg; The volume includes careful essays, journalistic articles and attractive bibliographical reviews. You have to go for them! Read it cover to cover. And demand that the squires and swordsmen of the continuity give us notice of their reading. It is a compulsory subject.

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