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Rolando Cordera Campos: The austerity that makes you sick


to austerity, such as the financial leaders of the world have understood and applied, it kills. It suffocates spirits and encouragement, it can also decisively affect the lives of many citizens who depend vitally on transfers and other activities of the State. It progressively deteriorates all areas of community life, from fundamental lines such as health and education, to political and social cohesion.

This is how it has been throughout history and there is no reason for it to be different, although the President and his government praise the strength of the people and decide to go from Republican austerity to Franciscan poverty. The sentence has been passed.

A few days ago we were informed of the sad reality of our wage poverty, whether or not it corresponds to the categories used by Coneval and scholars of poverty and its extremes. We are a low and very low income society, but the inequality that has accompanied us throughout our evolution has not been abated. Still unable to fully recover the pace that the health crisis forced us to, economic return, we are now in the worst of all possible worlds, or almost.

From no vantage point this sad reality can be cause for celebration. Until recently, many of us thought that seriously, rigorously and with comprehensive policies and strategies, these scourges of our lost development would be the main objective of a government that postulated the need for a fourth transformation of national life. Of its political regime and of the basic economic mechanisms that govern the distribution of income and, in general, of the fruits of progress. None of this has happened, except to get stuck without changing one iota and due to this to worsen the circumstance of injustice and social vulnerability that has marked us.

Without being an exception, the disastrous social issue in our country is not corresponds with the size of the economy, much less can be justified by referring to primary requirements of capital accumulation. The combination of high and medium technologies with poverty and lack of salary protection only speaks of the political weaknesses of the State, of the trade union organizations and of a somewhat oblivious public opinion, although it lives it daily.

It is difficult to know if this circumstance will lead to a social and political crisis, but it is necessary to continue insisting that this perspective is not an invention of hot and arcane heads, and that by not assuming it, democratic politics produces and reproduces small and large flaws that they undermine the legitimacy of the newly launched democratic political system. The size and average age of our community allow us to imagine a mature society, but the data and figures that portray it tell us the opposite. And this represents a serious political and social communication challenge for all those who seek to direct or modulate the directions of the State.

There is no democracy without social inclusion and the generation of values ​​of equality that go beyond the primary democratic verb referring to the value of the polls and elections; not without appreciating the importance of that principle of sympathy of which Adam Smith spoke, which allows others to stop being alien to us, a principle that acts as cement that unites a society.

In any case, it is not worth disrespecting her by threatening her olympically and festively with new cuts in public spending. On which the survival of millions depends greatly.

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