Rodríguez: True democracy is the government of the Communal Councils

The president of the National Assembly (AN), Jorge Rodríguez, assured that “true democracy” is the government of the Communal Councils and the Communes, as he stated this Wednesday in a day of street parliamentarianism held from the Petare parish in Miranda state.

The president of the AN stressed that “true democracy is not the one that is exercised, at least not completely, in the national parliament or in the Municipal Councils, or in the mayoralties or governorships (…) This revolution has advanced so that these forms old government get closer to the people (…) True democracy, the true government of the people, is the government of the Communal Councils and the Communes, as simple as that”.

Jorge Rodríguez criticized that the word “democracy” is used by the Venezuelan opposition “only when it suits them.”

“Here we come to talk about democracy, that word that has been interpreted so much for their own interests, for their own benefit,” he said, referring to the opposition.

In this sense, he criticized the fact that opposition representatives reach popular communities only in electoral processes.

“You are going to see them lying, promising things in their trucks and they are going to leave. Swear to it that they will appear five years later, when they come to seek the vote for mayors, governor, deputies and deputies”, warned the Bolivarian leader.

“Is it democracy to use such an important instance of national life as the AN to ask the most aggressive government, the most brutal empire that the history of this planet has ever known (…) It is democracy that they elect you deputy and that you are going to kneel before Donald Trump and tell him: ‘invade Venezuela’?” questioned Rodríguez, which he described as a “criminal” act that they asked that the country could not sell its oil.

On the other hand, Rodríguez made a constructive reflection to the media that only broadcast to government spokespersons when an issue regarding communal power is addressed.

“I humbly request that the very important interventions of the spokespersons of popular power be transmitted as well (…)”, he pronounced.

“Unbreakable resistance of the people”

The Minister of Communes, Jorge Arreaza, stressed that the “unwavering resistance of the people” allowed the Government of the Territory made up of the Communal Councils.

“I first thank Commander Hugo Chávez, who sowed the seed of a new, communal, community society,” he added.

Arreaza commented that President Maduro ordered “rethinking the laws of Communal Power” and considered the reform of the Law of Communal Councils, recently approved by the AN, as “neuralgic”.

“I thank my fellow deputies, who in the communities collected the proposals of the community. The power resides in the people”, he mentioned.

“Essential Communes”

The governor of Miranda state, Héctor Rodríguez, added that the commune is for all citizens who want to participate and stressed that this popular organization “exists to improve the exercise of the national government.”

“In Miranda, democracy is for all citizens. In the face of criticism, we have shown that when resources are brought to the citizenry, the solution is more effective,” exalted the regional ruler.

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