Rodríguez: the Mission Bases are born for the protection of the people

Rodríguez: the Mission Bases are born for the protection of the people

The Executive Vice President of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez, highlighted the “protection of vulnerable people” provided by the Socialist Mission Bases throughout the country, on the occasion of commemorating the 9 years of its establishment.

In a message posted on his twitter account, The senior State official said that “with love and humanism, the Bolivarian Government provides comprehensive care and protection to the most vulnerable people.”

At the same time, Rodríguez celebrated the 9th anniversary of the Socialist Mission Bases, which were born as an initiative of President Nicolás Maduro to offer “accurate measures and concrete action agendas in organized communities.”

The vice president’s tweet was accompanied by an institutional video, which includes images of the national president on the day the bases were launched.

“June 7, 2014, the plan to eradicate poverty begins with the Bases of Socialist Missions. That is our battle every day to fight against obstacles, adversities, that is our mission, in addition to being moved by a love for our country. I have faith that, through these Bases, articulating the action of all the Missions and Great Missions, we are going to see great results in a short time”, President Maduro said 9 years ago.

Likewise, the coordinator of the Villa Zoila de la Cota 905 Socialist Missions Base, in Caracas, Wilaury Álvarez, highlighted that they have been in operation for three years, serving 1,174 families and 3,120 inhabitants, through the Food Mission, the Barrio Adentro Mission, the Humanized Childbirth Movement and the Cultural Mission, among others.

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