Rodríguez: Put the sanctions you put will never defeat the people

“No matter what sanctions they impose, they attack us as they attack us, they will never be able to defeat the people of Caracas, the people of Venezuela, never,” emphasized Jorge Rodríguez, president of the Legislative Branch, leading a mobilization in support of the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro. .

“They tried to suffocate us by blocking our economy, stealing our resources and now the time has come to collect, to collect from the stateless people who believe that we are going to forget what they did, to collect from the North American empire that blocked our lives and our right to peace, independence and the future,” Rodríguez said from the El Observatorio sector of the 23 de Enero parish in Caracas.

“The most rebellious parish, the most alive parish and above all the most loyal parish to the struggles of the people of Caracas, to the struggles of the people of Venezuela,” he exalted.

The Bolivarian leader recalled that the representatives of the Venezuelan opposition “washed their faces after they asked for sanctions, they washed their faces after they applauded when Donald Trump stole our gasoline boats, stole our food boats, prevented us from being able to pay for vaccines for our people, for our girls and our boys.”

For this reason, Rodríguez assured that “in whatever field it is, in the field of the street, in the field of struggle or in the electoral field, we are going to roll them over and over and over again. We are going to turn them into cosmic dust again. We are going to make them pay for so much suffering against the people, we are going to make them pay for the people’s money that they stole, we are going to make them pay for everything they did to mistreat us, to try to stop the course of the Bolivarian Revolution”.

The highest head of the National Assembly stated that it is time to “reconquer everything that they tried to steal from us, because the time has come for the true recovery of the full life of the Bolivarian Revolution.”

“In Venezuela they will not happen”

For her part, the Executive Vice President of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez, highlighted the willingness to “combat” of the inhabitants of El 23 de Enero, for which she thanked the Street Chiefs and the entire organized community.

“The satisfaction of being among the women of this parish, with great strength of being among the youth of this parish (…) Among the men and women, all of them accompanying President Nicolás Maduro and accompanying him in a new historic battle.”

He stressed that “again it fell to this people to define their destiny in defense of national independence, the historical project of the United States since Monroe has been the Americanization of Venezuela and it was thanks to Commander Chávez, to the Bolivarian Revolution, that we told him in Venezuela will never come back, in Venezuela they will not happen”.

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