Rodríguez: in the dialogue there is no sector that represents the entire opposition

Rodríguez: in the dialogue there is no sector that represents the entire opposition

The National Assembly (AN) received this Wednesday in an ordinary session the preliminary report presented by the Special Commission for Dialogue, Peace and National Reconciliation.

The president of the parliament, Jorge Rodríguez, upon receiving the document, assured that the commission will continue working to carry out the exercise of rapprochement with the different sectors of the country to discuss the issues “that matter to the people.”

“There is no one here who can assume the status of representative of the Venezuelan opposition,” he warned. There is an electoral photograph that we must obey and respect, recent, from November 2021. We are talking to everyone, in public and in private, to address the issues of the people and this commission will continue to do its job, he said

“The big media are concerned and even annoyed that even when Venezuela is besieged and blocked by the most powerful forces, it maintains its construction project for everyone,” he commented.

He recalled that in recent days President Nicolás Maduro summoned the different political forces that make life within the Venezuelan opposition to have direct contact and be able to talk.

He highlighted the idea previously expressed by deputy Timoteo Zambrano, who commented on the difference between carrying out a dialogue in a situation of conflict and a discussion in a situation of peace, such as the one the country is experiencing today.

In conflict situations, it is desirable from a diplomatic point of view that the processes take place in a neutral territory and a country is selected as a meeting point.

“Fortunately, this is not the situation in Venezuela, the process can perfectly be carried out anywhere in the country, as it is actually happening, dialogue is being developed with the various sectors of the Venezuelan opposition.

Rodríguez said that the report presented to the AN plenary by the Dialogue Commission will be subject to review.

He also said that the Commission must submit to the body, a proposal for progress for the coming months of the second dialogue process that they have worked on.

«I congratulate this commission that has had a very hard job. I am not going to submit this report for consideration, because it is a preliminary report, and I believe that this commission is destined to continue fulfilling this process of rapprochement between political, social, economic, and cultural factors in the search for solutions in those spheres that are important for Venezuelans,” he stressed.

In this regard, Jorge Rodríguez stressed that the meeting with Venezuelans will always be based on respect, consideration for the other and sacred values ​​of this republic.

“Sovereignty, self-determination and will never be in negotiation,” he pointed out.

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