Rodolfo Hernández received his senator's credential

Rodolfo Hernández received his senator’s credential

Former presidential candidate Rodolfo Hernández He received his credential on Tuesday. senator of the republic

My commitment will be to oppose as ordered by the statute: doing oversight, exposing errors and proposing solutions that benefit all Colombians.“Said the former mayor of Bucaramanga on his Twitter account.

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In days gone by, the Cadvice National Electoral (CNE) issued the resolutions with which it declared Hernández and his former vice-presidential formula as congressmen of the Republic, Marelen Castillo. Both will occupy a seat in the Senate and in the House of Representatives, respectively.

In accordance with the results of the aforementioned resolution No. 3235 of June 23, 2022, it is inescapably concluded that the formula registered by the League of Anticorruption Governors movement (…) followed in the vote the citizens declared president and vice president of the Republic“, is read in both resolutions issued by the CNE.

Thus, Hernández and Castillo receive the credential on behalf of the Anti-Corruption Leaders League movement, whose community supported his aspiration to the Presidency and Vice Presidency.

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It should be remembered that, according to Article 24 of the Statutory Law, the candidates who follow in votes whom the electoral authority declares elected President and Vice President of the Republic, will have the personal right to occupy, in their order, one seat in the Senate of the Republic and another in the House of Representatives.

In the last elections, Hernández and Castillo obtained 10,580,412 votes, corresponding to 47.31%. For their part, Gustavo Petro and Francia Márquez obtained 11,281,013 votes (50.44%).

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