Roberto Chiabra: "You can reach the votes for the vacancy"

Roberto Chiabra: “You can reach the votes for the vacancy”

The country is experiencing a new scenario since the Nation’s prosecutor, Pablo Sánchez, opened an investigation against the president . For Congressman Roberto Chiabra, the evidence of corruption would reach 87 votes to vacate Castillo in a definitive third attempt.

Let’s start with the audio starring the former Minister of Transportation Juan Silva and the businessman Zamir Villaverde. The latter says – according to the transcript – that the “one hundred grand” were for Silva. What do you think about that?

This further strengthens the decision of the National Prosecutor to expand the preliminary investigation against the former Minister of Transportation plus the six congressmen from Acción Popular. It is not possible to wait for the end of the presidential administration to investigate because the evidence would weaken over time. In addition, Silva has reiterated before the Oversight Commission that he did not know Zamir Villaverde and now we see that he has been untrue.

Do you think that this audio compromises President Castillo when the protagonists are Silva and Villaverde?

The president must be regretting that the profile of the presidential secretary has been reduced so that Bruno Pacheco could enter. When he abusively dismissed the two general commanders of the Army and the FAP, problems began for Castillo because we began to get to know Pacheco. From there, the chats became known by pressuring the head of the Sunat (…). We also have the entry of the nephews to the Palace that was not registered; It is not strange people to the president who has carried out these tenders. We must not forget that Castillo appointed Silva as minister.

If Silva falls, does Castillo fall?

If the National Prosecutor reaches conclusions that the president is, as is being pointed out, the head of a criminal organization, his situation would change completely and the votes in Congress would vary there.

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What can Congress do in this scenario?

Faced with an investigation by the Attorney General, Congress can reach 87 votes and he (the president) can be vacated due to permanent moral incapacity. That would be the big change in voting.

It would be the third time that Castillo’s vacancy is dealt with. Why would this time be different?

The scenarios are different. The first vacancy motion was not coordinated between the benches, the second achieved an increase in votes that allowed the president to respond to Congress (…), the Oversight Commission has summoned the president three times and he has not wanted attend, the president must realize that if he is not committed, he must be the most interested in clarifying everything. The problem will come to him when he ceases to be president.

And this time what would be the arguments that would support a vacancy motion?

An advance of the investigation of the Prosecutor’s Office that directly relates the president (with alleged bribery of Villaverde to Juan Silva). It is necessary to determine if that money was for the president and what was done with it (…). The president must know that he is not oblivious to everything that happens.

The IACHR warned that the Government and Congress have limited the work of the press by preventing coverage of activities. How do you define the relationship between Parliament and the media?

Due to COVID-19, measures had to be taken. What has just been done is to set up a room for journalists to be able to interview congressmen after the plenary session or a meeting. The following steps must be defined by the Board of Directors. I believe that keeping the population informed means listening to congressmen at all times.

So, do you agree that journalists can access the chamber and be present at the votes?

Yes, the decision of the Board of Directors is awaited. There should be no problem (for it).

Why did you say that the congressmen from Lima are more political and those from the province “submissive” to the ministers for the works?

I shouldn’t have generalized. There are congressmen who return to their provinces and the people demand works from them, that does not detract from them.


  • Regarding the situation of Vice President Dina Boluarte, who would have incurred a constitutional infraction for directing the Apurímac Departmental Club, Chiabra said that the minister also has two paths: “either wait for the constitutional accusation or resign.”
  • “She should have the will to resign,” he said.


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