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Roberto Ángel says the Government has tools to promote entrepreneurs

Roberto Ángel says the Government has tools to promote entrepreneurs

The Roman. Businessman and politician Roberto Ángel Salcedo considered that no entrepreneur in the country must fear failure when starting a project because the Government has provided sufficient resources.

The also producer and film director referred to the irreversible transition in the institutional life of the country, a transformation that is taking place in different areas,

“The Dominican State, through the current government, has been making extraordinary efforts to motivate young entrepreneurs, all those who have a new idea and want to put it into practice with different programs and modalities.”

Salcedo said that President Luis Abinader “has just promoted the first entrepreneurship laboratory, placing more than 1.9 billion pesos at the disposal of the young people of the Dominican Republic in different agencies of the central government, starting with the Reserve Bank, the Development Bank and Exports (BANDEX) Promipymes, and other state institutions”.

Roberto Ángel Salcedo, who was accompanied by the governor of La Romana, Jacqueline Fernández, by the director of the Municipal District of La Caleta, Eduardo Kery Metivier, as well as by Moisés Sifren, Director of the Buen Samaritano Hospital, held various meetings with sectors, social , popular, business.

As well as community and political leaders of this province, and in the presence of dozens of young people, many of them with the intention of starting their business project to be part of the MSMEs.

During his stay in La Romana, in the east of the country, the young businessman explained to nearly a hundred people gathered in the event hall of the El Buen Samaritano hospital that he came to politics with the firm conviction that through this exercise

“I can give back to Dominican society, to a certain extent, everything I have received during more than three decades of work, all the hours they have invested to see me on television, the time and money invested to see my films, to support each one of our steps in the world of art”.

Given the boom in entrepreneurship, Salcedo told the youngest that he goes to the towns to give conferences on Leadership and Entrepreneurship as a way to contribute to the development and strengthening of the national productive apparatus.

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