Roberto Ángel: «Abinader impulsa época de oro para emprendedores»

Roberto Ángel: «Abinader promotes a golden age for entrepreneurs»

The entrepreneurfilm director and producer, Robert Angel Salcedo, highlighted this Saturday the efforts of the president, Luis Abinaderfor boost the entrepreneurship in the youth of the country, highlighting its importance for the development of the nation.

He considered that the Government creates favorable spaces to motivate young people to create their own companies, for which Abinader has paid special attention since he took office, due to the hardworking spirit that characterizes the Dominican.

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“Understanding the historical role that we have had to live, knowing that there is a transition in all walks of life in the Dominican Republic, if we want to talk about Los Alcarrizos and its future we have to count on the people of Los Alcarrizos to project that future, and that is precisely what President Abinader wants and that is why we are here today talking with you, young people, entrepreneurs and the entire community that welcomes us to work hand in hand with you and to be able to put economic, social and political goal that we want to achieve here in this industrious community,” said Roberto Ángel Salcedo while receiving applause from those present.

President Luis Abinader.

Salcedo said that in the country the conditions are given so that every day the population has a better quality of life, arguing that with an independent Public Ministry, the construction of hotel and road infrastructures that is being developed in the southern province of Pedernales and others of that region, the transformation in the police ranks and the economic resources allocated to MSMEs, it is clear that entrepreneurs will have guaranteed success, “as long as they do everything within their power and that obstacles do not stop them”, highlighting, in addition, that these actions undertaken by the President of the Republic show his determination to carry out the transformations that the nation needs.

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Roberto Ángel Salcedo referred to the subject during a conversation with young entrepreneurs, political and social leaders from the municipality of Los Alcarrizos, who were guided by how persistence and discipline make a person go from being a simple dreamer to being a successful entrepreneur.

The activity, sponsored by the director of Supérate, Gloria Reyes, and the National Action Foundation for Community Development (ANDEC), was also attended by community leaders and politicians from that community, where the young businessman said that these meetings are held observing the the need for young people to work to have a better life and to motivate them by taking the message that it can be done and that the Government creates the conditions for that to happen.

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