Road Ruling: Lieutenant governors expressed their concern about the "division of powers"

Road Ruling: Lieutenant governors expressed their concern about the "division of powers"

Support of the lieutenant governors to Cristina Fernández.

The Permanent Forum of Vice Governors of the Argentine Republic highlighted its “absolute disapproval and institutional uneasiness” at the conviction of Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner in the trial that is being followed for the alleged direction of public works in Santa Cruz.

The Federal Oral Court 2 this afternoon sentenced Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner to 6 years in prison and lifelong special disqualification from holding public office in the case of public works in Santa Cruz.

In a document, the deputy governors of different provinces indicated that they were convened “with a diverse and federal agenda and the concern to promote a reflection on one of the challenges that the agenda of our provincial and national governments is going through: the division of powers and In this framework, the role of the Judiciary”.

Failure Against the Vice PresidentIt configures a fact of institutional gravity on which it is appropriate to mark our absolute disapproval and institutional uneasiness ”, they stated in the statement.

The text, published on social networks, was signed by Verónica Magario (Buenos Aires); Carlos Silva Neder (Santiago del Estero); Antonio Morocco (Salta); Florence Lopez (La Rioja); Alejandra Rodenas (Santa Fe); Ruben Dusso (Catamarca); Analia Rach Quiroga (Chaco); Maria Laura Stratta (Between Rivers); Eber W. Solis (Formosa); Mariano Fernandez (La Pampa); Eugenio Quiroga (Santa Cruz;) Monica Urquiza (Tierra del Fuego) and Sergio Mansilla (Tucumán).

In another fragment of the document it is indicated that “the division of powers is in check by a series of factors that shake the foundations of democracy and injure the republican virtues”.

“The ‘judicial activism’, which translates into a more or less explicit alignment of some judges with certain political sectors, puts the entire republican system of government and the rights and guarantees of the citizens of our territory in check,” the text adds.

The members of the Forum point out: “We are facing a new paradigm: the judicial power can function as a space protection of rights and republican institutions, but at the same time threaten those rights and institutions” and they add that “this paradox is verified from a double register: the judicialization of politics and the politicization of justice.”

“We have observed with great concern how some judicial officials have exceeded the limits of their constitutional functionsplacing certain public policies under their tutelage, getting involved not only in their evaluation but also in their design and even in their execution”, the text adds.

And he maintains that “these days we are faced with the possibility that a court issues a momentous ruling without evidence and before the absurdity of thinking that a government action can be considered an ‘illicit association’”.

Finally, they evaluate that “antecedent size, that would enable the filing of cases for purposes unrelated to the rule of law, it constitutes a gag that is applied to democratic liberties, tends to discipline those who govern and guarantees impunity to those powers whose interests are put before the common good”.

“This would entail repeating the worst episodes of the recent past: the persecution, the proscription, the conviction without evidence and the stigmatization of certain political spaces that marked one of the darkest stages of Argentine history,” they concluded.

The document was also reproduced on the Twitter account of the Minister of the Interior, Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro, who thanked the lieutenant governors.

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