Road closures and self-evacuees due to the fires in Córdoba

Road closures and self-evacuees due to the fires in Córdoba

Photo: Courtesy Ministry of Security of the Province.

At least three sources of forest fires continued in different sectors of the province of Córdoba, where various fire departments were working to prevent them from spreading and not reaching homes, while there are roadblocks, due to the presence of smoke, and 21 self-evacuated people, Police sources reported.

In this context, the provincial government announced that it had activated a disaster fund to assist victims of the fires, implemented with a subsidy for the repair of movable and immovable damage caused by climatic events.

Several crews of volunteer firefighters and brigade memberss of the National Fire Management Service (SNMF) collaborated with brigade members who work on fires in a sector located between La Falda and Huerta Grande, in the Punilla Valley, and in the Altos Fierro area, in the jurisdiction of Alta Gracia .

In the disaster of punilla the fire crowned the top of the Hill La Banderita, and headed near the square road, where homes were at risk of evacuations.

Photo Courtesy Ministry of Security of the Province
Photo: Courtesy Ministry of Security of the Province.

Due to these igneous foci, the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development sent to Cordoba territory Forest fire fighters of the Central National Brigadewhich are added to the aerial means that already operate in the place.

The national environmental portfolio, in addition, added 14 forestry brigade members of the National Center Brigade of the SNMFwhich reinforce the body of combatants who already work in the place, reported from the Ministry of Environment.

In addition, in the affected area, they operate dthe hydrant planes also arranged by the Ministry led by Juan Cabandié.

They also work to fight the flames volunteer firefighters from barracks in the region and agents of the Technical Team for Action against Catastrophes (ETAC).

the first focus got rid of Huerta Grande dumpa place where scrubland is being burned, in a mountain area.

From the Municipality of the skirt reported that so far 21 people have self-evacuated and that in the event of further evacuations, the Municipality of La Falda has establishments designed to house them.

They work in that sinister seven volunteer fire stations, ETAC Punilla, two planes from the Province and a hydrant plane from the National Fire Management System.

Likewise, the Base of Operations stationed in La Falda reported that all the personnel affected by the control of this focus have the necessary supplies to carry out the work, “so that at the moment the collaboration of neighbors is not necessary in terms of supplies for the firemen”.

Photo Courtesy Ministry of Security of the Province
Photo: Courtesy Ministry of Security of the Province.

In the area of ​​Altos Fierros, The fire started on the side of the road and is advancing on stubble, in a sector where eight volunteer fire departments, ETAC Alta Gracia and two provincial hydrant planes work.

The fire front that began in the morning hours in Altos Fierro moved north, favored by the wind, burning stubble and isolated and low mountains, which caused a strong presence of smoke in the direction of Despeñaderos.

For this reason, the Highway Police ordered a total cut in Provincial Route No. 5 from km 106 to 109, In the town of Villa del Dike.

“The extreme conditions in terms of forest fires continue and we have all fire stations on yellow alert. At the same time, Etac troops patrol critical areas to detect columns of smoke,” said the Secretary for Climate Risk Management, Catastrophes and Civil Protection, Claudio Vignetta.

“I want to convey peace of mind, the fire is far from Despeñaderos. We are working on the flanks with ten double-action machines trying to make firebreaks to stop the focus, so they will receive a lot of smoke and earth in the environment,” added the official.

Weather conditions do not favor extinction, with non-existent ambient humidity, wind that exceeds 30km and a temperature above 30

The number of hectares damaged by the fire was not specified at the moment, although it was reported that there was no damage to homes.

Earlier, the Risk Management Secretariat ireported that the fire declared in Peace, which was contained during the early morning; it is found without active foci and with an unstable perimeter.

On Tuesday, in that area, 35 people had been evacuated due to the danger of fire near their homes, although after a few hours they were able to return to their respective homes as the interface danger was reduced.

While the Fires of Cuesta de Altautina, in Los Hornillos, and Las Jarillas, in Icho CruzThey’re in ash guard with personnel installed on the ground to prevent fire restarts.

Regarding the Disaster Fund activated by the provincial government, it will be “through the Permanent Fund for Attention to Disaster Situations, which provides subsidies for the repair of damage to movable and immovable property caused by climatic events.”

“Due to the fires in different regions of the province, the Government launched the Permanent Fund for Attention to Disaster Situations to respond to damage to urban and rural infrastructure,” Social Development Minister Carlos Massei said, according to a statement from the provincial government.

Personnel from the Ministry of Social Development together with the municipalities and communes, “will carry out the survey of damages to allocate the aid as quickly as possible”.

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