RN senators rule out that the departure of Minister Ríos stops criticism for granting pardons

Senators from Renovación Nacional (RN) questioned the decision of President Gabriel Boric regarding the now former Minister of Justice and affirmed that with the resignation of Marcela Ríos “the thread is cut at the thinnest”, ruling out that with the measure the which they consider to be a “conflict” triggered by the granting of pardons.

The head of the RN Committee, Senator Paulina Núñez, said that “the President cannot pretend to correct his mistakes by cutting the thinnest thread.” In her opinion, “his erroneous decision (the pardons) broke the balance of the security dialogue and to recompose it he must annul at least two serious pardons, Castillo and Mateluna, and establish a State of Constitutional Exception in the north.” .

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The helmsman of the opposition party, Senator Francisco Chahuán, added that “if the President believes that by removing his chief of staff and the minister of justice the issue is settled, he is deeply mistaken. If there were untidiness in the granting of pardons, he would “What must happen is that rationality prevails and the pardons are withdrawn. It seems to me that the thread is cut again at the thinnest and the President does not assume responsibility for the granting of pardons without prolixity.”

Meanwhile, Senator María José Gatica maintained that “the women’s government today demonstrates once again that it is not such. Minister Ríos executed orders from President Boric, it was not her commitment to pardon criminals nor was she an ideologist of the ‘chosen ones'” . The legislator from Los Ríos also called on the President to “assume his responsibilities and not hide behind a woman.”

For his part, Senator Manuel José Ossandón assured that “former minister Ríos is a victim of President Boric’s lack of leadership and contradictions.” In this regard, he assured that “we witnessed how he sent her to defend candidates for national prosecutor and then, without any reason or notice, he changed it. I am sure that the pardons, being a presidential faculty, were personally endorsed by him and For this reason, blaming Minister Ríos for these things seems extremely unfair to me.”

Meanwhile, from Republicans, the deputy Stephan Schubert affirmed that “it had to resort to signaling an AC so that the Government finally dismissed the Minister of Justice or she presented her resignation.” And he added: “We hope that this is not necessary in the other ministries, which still require adjustments, that it is the President who puts the right people in the corresponding portfolios, let’s remember that, yes, that in the case of pardon, pardon is presidential and also in this pardon in the form so questioned as it has been, there is also a responsibility that falls on the first President”.

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