RN resorted to the Ombudsman for Children to prevent exhibition of collective “Kontrabando” in the MIM

During the morning of this Tuesday, a group of parliamentarians from the National Renewal, asked the Ombudsman for Children, headed by Patricia Muñoz, to stop an exhibition that will be held at the Mirador Interactive Museum (MIM).

It is an exhibition by the “Kontrabando” collective in which, in the opinion of the deputies, it incites hatred and violates the rights of children by including images of policemen with their hands stained with blood and the inclusion of the “matapacos dog”.

In a memorandum published by emmolthe parliamentarians argued that the exhibition “will include graphic elements for the public visit that constitute a clear incitement to hatred and violence. In particular, the message of hate that characterizes said group is directed against the Carabineros de Chile institution and its officials and officials, with insulting and discriminatory expressions”.

It should be noted that the MIM depends on the Fundación Tiempos Nuevos, whose board of directors is chaired by Irina Karamanos and around noon, when trying to open the link to the details of the exhibition, whose name is “Feria Kontrabando”, the page appears blank.

As noted ex ante, from the Government indicated that the Ombudsman for Children, Patricia Muñoz, intervened in the last few hours, suggesting to the MIM that it not carry out the sample in question, but without ordering it to stop, since her position prevents her from intervening in issues associated with the freedom of expression.

From the MIM they indicated that the exhibition will not take place, and that there was never any intention of doing it. Meanwhile, from the ruling party they stated that Irina Karamanos never intervened in the issue.

“As the Ombudsman for Children we have learned through Emol of a requirement that some RN parliamentarians would formulate so that our institution prevents the realization of an exhibition to be developed in the MIM by the Kontrabando group,” Muñoz said.

“Despite the fact that this document, this request, has not reached our institution, since we have learned of the possibility that facts that, through graphic expressions, show violence or validation of violence could be exhibited in the museum, we have contacted the Sociocultural Directorate of the Presidency as well as the Directorate of the MIM itself requesting background information on the situation,” he added.

After the events and through a statement, the Mirador Interactive Museum pointed out that “biased information has been disseminated by a digital communication medium and replicated on social networks, regarding the future presence of the Kontrabando Fair, which has not yet been set up and will inhabit the space dedicated to graphic arts and sciences for two days”.

“The fair was invited with the aim of disseminating the rescue of a community of analogous graphic arts and crafts, today in extinction due to the digitization of the media, and it is precisely a digital medium that today raises news that unfortunately was disseminated without consulting the museum about its veracity,” added the institution.

Along the same lines, they stated that “the fair will not exhibit the material that has been disseminated by this means and has caused the use of public funds to be denounced on social networks, which is not true, since between the museum and the fair there is no transfer of resources.

“The MIM does not promote, promote or give space to messages of hate or violence of any kind or against any person or institution, on the contrary, we are convinced that from respect for knowledge and the regeneration of trust, we can achieve a relationship harmonic in our society,” declared the museum.

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