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RJ: Gabriel Monteiro’s defense appeals to the City Council

After the suspension of the confidentiality of the testimonies given at the Ethics Council of the Rio de Janeiro City Council, and the dissemination of images in the press, the defense of councilor Gabriel Monteiro (PL) presented, today (15) an appeal to point out what, in his view, it characterizes disrespect for the Constitution and infra-constitutional legislation during the investigation of the process.RJ: Gabriel Monteiro's defense appeals to the City Council

The document presented to the Chamber’s Justice and Writing Committee points out problems such as: defect of initiative, which causes confusion between the rapporteur and the prosecution; evidence produced in disagreement with the order determined by Resolution 1133/09, which governs the Chamber’s disciplinary proceedings; illegality of the evidence carried, since they were stolen from the councilor’s residence; and meetings with authorities, such as members of the Public Ministry and police chiefs, without any formalization.

Monteiro’s defense enumerated several points to be analyzed by the commission. The allegations regarding the recording of a sexual act with a minor were duly clarified by a statement given to the police by the minor and her guardian, who stated that she suppressed her real age, informing the parliamentarian that she was, at the time, 18 years old.

In another passage, the defense explains that “as published in the Chamber diary, the rapporteur proposed the withdrawal of the accusation of moral and sexual harassment against advisors from his final opinion, being unanimously followed by the members of the Council. In this way, the accusation of moral and sexual harassment no longer weighs against the parliamentarian”.

The defense also wrote that “the claims of former advisor Luisa Caroline are fanciful and were all denied during the process. Mrs. Luisa Caroline is part of a collusion between former employees of the councilor and people linked to the towing mafia, who offered a large amount so that the parliamentarian would not disclose reports of crimes that took place inside the company’s administration yards, which even caused , the termination of the contract with the city hall”.

Regarding the actions that took place in the Lapa video, the defense alleges that “even in the face of the difficulty of having as the only evidence a video manipulated with the interest of harming the parliamentarian, included in the records of the disciplinary process, it was evident by the witnesses that the councilor was not present. on the spot at the time of the facts.

As for the video where Gabriel Monteiro appears with a child in a mallthe person responsible for the minor clearly clarified that “the facts indicate that the minor had never been exposed to any embarrassment or vexatious situation, and that the child has affection for the parliamentarian, who helped her and her family in a time of serious crisis. financial”.

Finally, Monteiro’s defense clarifies that as for the child who appears in a video at the beauty salon, the mere assumption that the congressman would have had lust for the minor is unfounded, “this is because, as demonstrated during the instruction, the video remained on air for at least 5 months without any surprise from the people who watched it. The video was recorded in a beauty salon where, in addition to its users, the mother of the minor was located, being certain that they would perceive any unusual action on the part of the parliamentarian”, concluded the defense of the parliamentarian.

Gabriel Monteiro’s defense appeal to the Justice and Writing Commission should be judged at the commission’s meeting next Wednesday, (17). If the members of the commission consider that the rites were correct, the matter should be discussed in the session on Thursday (18).

To revoke Monteiro’s mandate, 34 favorable votes from the 51 councilors are required. But only 50 parliamentarians can participate in the vote in the plenary of the Chamber, that’s because councilor Carlos Bolsonaro (Republicans), is on leave.

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