Rivera: after "advance of violence" Centralize serious crimes in a semi-specialized prosecutor’s office

The prosecution decided to centralize Rivera racketeering offenses, in one of the three shifts of the department, as announced by the court prosecutor, Juan Gómez, this Friday. In this way, a semi-specialized prosecution in investigations of homicides, drugs, weapons, kidnapping and extortion.

Sources from the institution told The Observer that the change in the work regime will be from next monday. It is in line with the policy of the prosecutor’s office, in which there are more and more specialized prosecutor’s offices.

“We are seeking to centralize very specific matters in a single team, which guarantees greater efficiency in the treatment of cases,” Gómez explained at a press conference. He added that “the responses from the police and the prosecution have been very good,” but it is about “finding a way to obtain a higher efficiency”.

Sources dedicated to the investigation of these cases in Rivera they told The Observer at the end of july that the creation of the prosecutor’s office was a request that they had been making for some time

In that line, the prosecutor Alejandra Dominguez (today in Third Shift) said that it is about “concentrating the investigation of certain crimes, with more depth”and thus “giving society a response to this advance of violence.

Faced with an “increase in violence, we have to face it, we have to fight (…) Thanks for the trust, we are not going to disappoint”added the prosecutor.

Likewise, Domínguez indicated that “Rivera needs a fourth prosecution” and “it has to be done,” but “this is the beginning.” He was related to the specializations of the prosecution.

For his part, Gómez recalled that in July 2022 the gender prosecutionapproved in the Rendering of Accounts.

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