River beats Boca in a classic with scandal and 6 expelled

River beats Boca in a classic with scandal and 6 expelled

General Díaz came back against Humaitá to continue in solidarity as leader of the Primera División B 2023 tournament.

The Luqueño team visited the Corumbá Cué team today at the Eleuterio Sánchez stadium for the fifth date.

Humaitá started winning with Jhony Arboleda (7′), but gGeneral leveled it with a goal from Gerardo Doldán (50′). Matías Escudero, 10′ from the end, signed the final 1-2 in favor of Águila.

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With this result, General adds 12 points and leads the classification.

Among other results, Atlántida beat Capiatá 0-2 as a visitor; also as a visitor, but in Itá, Colón de Ñemby beat Iteño (1-3).

Also, this morning, but in the Fortin, Hayes and Aceval tied without goals and, a little later, Colón de Saldívar left the points at home by beating 3-1 on September 29.

The grid closes tomorrow with a match at the Ricardo Gregor stadium.


-Saturday May 6

*November 3, 5-4 Olimpia de Itá

*River Plate 2-1 February 3 RB

-Sunday May 7

*President Hayes 0-0 Benjamin Aceval

*Humaita FBC 1-2 General Diaz

*Deportivo Capiatá 0-2 Atlántida SC

*Sportivo Iteño 1-3 Cristóbal Colón Ñemby

*Christopher Columbus JAS 3-1 September 29

-Monday May 8

*Atletico Tembetary vs. Silvio Pettirossi

Stadium: Ricardo Gregor

Time: 10:00 (TV)

Free: Sportivo Limpeño


General Díaz 12, Cristóbal Colón JAS 11, River Plate 9, September 29 7, Cristóbal Colón (Ñ) 7, Atlético Tembetary 6, Olimpia de Itá 6, Sportivo Limpeño 6, Deportivo Humaitá 6, Benjamín Aceval 6, November 3 5 , Atlántida 5, Deportivo Capiatá 5, Sportivo Iteño 4, Silvio Pettirossi 4, February 3 RB 3, Presidente Hayes 2.

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