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River 66’s claim came into effect and the Simón Bolívar Cup will play in San Julián

River 66's claim came into effect and the Simón Bolívar Cup will play in San Julián

May 25, 2023, 5:22 PM

May 25, 2023, 5:22 PM

The request of the leadership of River 66 San Julián to the Bolivian Football Federation (FBF), to play their home matches of the Simón Bolívar Cup 2023 in the town of San Julián, came into effect. It is so This Sunday (3:00 p.m.) you will receive the visit of September 24 for the third date of the regional group that makes up five teams from Santa Cruz.

There was discomfort and disagreement in the leadership of River 66 because they felt obliged to have to play their matches as hosts in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, since the Plurinational stadium in San Julián was approved by the FBF on March 12.

“Our request is because in a meeting between the five Cruceña clubs and the leadership of the Cruceña Football Association (ACF) it had been decided that all the group matches be played in Santa Cruz, something with which our delegate did not agree. , but they were four against one and now they want us to play our home games outside of San Julián”, Saúl Janco, sports manager of River 66 San Julián, told DIEZ on Wednesday.

The FBF responded to the request of the San Julián club this Thursday and in the last paragraph of the letter it says: “The club River 66 has every right to play its home matches at the Plurinational Stadium in San Julián, in strict compliance with article 36 of the Call and General Regulations of the Simón Bolívar Cup 2023, approved at a meeting of the Council of the Fans Division dated March 1, 2023”.

The letter is signed by the competition director of the FBF Klaus von Landwust and of course it causes joy among the aforementioned club managers.

“We feel happy and satisfied now that the call for the Simón Bolívar Cup is being enforced. All the people of San Julián are looking forward to seeing their team in their stadium and that’s why people are buying shirts and tickets. We are already working on the organization of the match and on the logistics to show that we are capable of carrying out a match of this nature”, said Janco.

After two disputed dates, the position table is headed by 24 de Septiembre with 4 pointsThen there are Torre Fuerte (3), River 66 (3), Universidad (1) and Ciudad Nueva Santa Cruz Academia FC (0); the latter and River 66 have only one game played.

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