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Riquelme: "We will be at the club for many more years"

Riquelme: "We will be at the club for many more years"

Photo: Victor Carreira.

Juan Román Riquelme was accompanied by the president Jorge Ameal and the members of the Football Council, Raúl Cascini and Marcelo Delgado, in an act held on Tuesday night in the parking lot of the Bombonera that It had 10,000 attendees who said goodbye to the year in an act in which it was presumed that the current second vice president of Boca was going to present his own group, called “Soy bostero”.

Those 10,000 people who gathered in the parking lot located behind Popular Norte, which has income from Del Valle Iberlucea and Espora streets, heard Riquelme remark that they are going to “be in Boca for a long time.”

This was organized by the president of the supporters clubs, Carlos Colombo, and the head of the subsidiaries, Sebastián Gianiorio.

The expectation was given by the possibility that Riquelme would present his new group, called “Soy bostero”, but Román did not mention it, although in the vicinity of the stadium there were tables in which the partners added signatures that allow it to achieve the character such. For this, no less than 8,000 adhesions are necessary.

Photo: Victor Carreira.

The presence of Ricardo Rosica, general secretary of Boca and the leader closest to Riquelme, was even expected, with whom he could form a formula for the December elections of next year. Román would go back as vice president if this happened.

“Unfortunately there is a certain journalism that wants to show in Boca that there are divisions when they do not exist. And here they see me with Riquelme”Ameal pointed out.

“Now we are a football club and not a public limited company as others wanted. Of the seven championships played under our management, five were won. They wanted to make a tennis court where La Bombonera is, but that is the place where you win and celebrate more. And now we don’t sell players to sell, but we bet on the lower ones”, Ameal pointed out.

Photo: Victor Carreira.

And then he passed the microphone to Riquelme, who said that he is back in Boca due to the “fault” of his “son Agustín. And we are going to be in this club for a long time.”

“Before I said that for the past elections we had to be 40,000 voters and now, for those of December of next year we have to be 50,000,” he said.

“As for the squad, it is very good. We must thank the fans and the boys who are behind the goal and have been behaving very well,” he said.

And at the farewell to the act, he again asked Ameal for the microphone to ask the fans to sing the “song they like the most”, and everyone sang the classic “Olé, ole, ole, I’m a bostero, it’s a feeling…” .

Photo: Victor Carreira.

The cumbia musical group “Los Juárez”, a detachment of the renowned “Tambó, Tambó”, was the one that opened the way for Riquelme and Ameal to talk with the people, also putting 12 achievements of the institution to music through a video .

The act was going to start at 7:00 p.m. but it was delayed until 8:30 p.m., and only the president and second vice-president were the speakers at this act, which, formally, was to say goodbye to the year, although the club’s policy inevitably flew over it.

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