Riots in Peru after the removal of Petro Castillo as president

Riots in Peru after the removal of Petro Castillo as president

Since this morning, Peru has experienced tense moments due to the dismissal of Pedro Castillo. In Peru an impeachment motion debate was underway against left-wing president Pedro Castillo for “permanent moral incapacity”, a constitutional figure that has already led to the departure of two ex-presidents since 2018.

The parliamentary session that was scheduled for three in the afternoon, Peru time, was waiting to vote on the request for the vacancy of the Presidency of the Republic, with which 87 votes were expected, something that was feasible since the opposition It has 80 legislators out of the 130 total.

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Nevertheless, President Castillo has made a determination that stops this processbecause in the morning hours he announced that he was dissolving Congress and also declaring a state of exception.

After this event, the country did not hesitate to speak out and clashes began between supporters of Pedro Castillo with police officers on Avenida Alfonso Ugarte in Lima, Peru.

Around 7 pm the protesters began to speak out. In the different videos that the international media have uploaded, tear gas can be seen and the population upset by the situation in their country.

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