Rio: Comlurb anticipates action to raise awareness of bathers about garbage

Rio: Comlurb anticipates action to raise awareness of bathers about garbage

Comlurb brought forward to tomorrow (18th), at 9 am, the beginning of an awareness action of the Praia Limpa project to intensify, together with bathers, how garbage should be disposed of in these places.Rio: Comlurb anticipates action to raise awareness of bathers about garbage

The launch of the campaign will be near Pedra do Leme, in the south of the city with the group Chegando de Surpresa, made up of garbage collectors who use music and dance to guide bathers. The famous garbage collector Renato Sorriso, loved by the locals, makes up the group.

The action was anticipated due to the large amount of waste and dirt collected last weekend, which caught the attention of Comlurb. In all, on Saturday (14) and Sunday (15), they were removed from the beaches more than 610 tons of waste.

According to the company, this volume is almost double that collected in a typical summer weekend, around 350 tons. For Comlurb, this demonstrates that “many locals and tourists have not done their homework by disposing of their garbage correctly”.

The company has been reinforcing its cleaning service since December, with the Praia Limpa operation, which increases the number of street sweepers and work shifts every year during the summer.

In yet another action to encourage proper disposal, Comlurb increased the number of containers – in the south zone alone, over a thousand were installed. “The contribution of regulars to maintaining the cleanliness of the beach is essential,” said the company.

weekly actions

Starting tomorrow, until the end of the summer, Praia Limpa awareness actions will take place weekly in different parts of the city, between Thursday and Saturday. On Thursday (19), the action takes place at stations 9 and 10, in Ipanema.

On Friday (20), the city’s patron saint, São Sebastião, the team will head to Arpoador. This week’s action ends on Saturday, at posts 11 and 12 in Leblon.

The next beaches planned to receive awareness are Barra da Tijuca, Recreio dos Bandeirantes, Barra de Guaratiba, in the west zone; Ilha do Governador, in the north; and Copacabana, in the south zone.

Comlurb said that “it is open to partnerships to make possible gifts that are incentives for correct disposal, such as returnable bags and biodegradable bags”.

Comlurb’s work extends along the capital’s 56 kilometers of beaches. According to the company, the reinforcement in the actions has 600 street cleaners per day, who work in up to three periods, including night and dawn, so that the beaches are always clean.

To improve collection, the service now has new beach tractors with attached equipment “to sift and turn the sand, carrying out a more thorough cleaning, sanitizing and contributing to further reduce impurities, reaching 20 centimeters of depth. depth”.

In addition to helping to prevent microorganisms, revolving removes smaller residues. “The equipment has not been used for cleaning the beaches for six years. With their acquisition, the Company returns to the beach cleaning standard that existed until 2016”, he added.

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