Rio begins application of booster dose to teenagers on Monday

The Municipal Health Department of Rio de Janeiro (SMS) will start, next Monday (30), the application of the booster dose of vaccines against covid-19 in adolescents aged 12 to 17 years. Rio begins application of booster dose to teenagers on MondayRio begins application of booster dose to teenagers on Monday

The information was published today (28) by the agency on its social networks, a day after the Ministry of Health released a statement. scaling up immunization reinforcement for this audience

To receive the third injection, adolescents must have been vaccinated with the second dose for at least four months. The vaccines that will be used are CoronaVac and Pfizer, subject to availability.

Booster vaccination is also now available for all adults who took the second dose at least four months ago. The application of the second booster dose is recommended for those who are at least 60 years old and took the first booster dose at least four months ago.

Anyone aged 5 years and over who has not been vaccinated with the first dose can also receive the Covid-19 vaccine at municipal health centers and family clinics.


People with severe immunosuppression, aged 12 years and older, should get the third dose of the vaccine eight weeks after the second dose, with a minimum interval of four weeks. For this, proof is required.

Anyone who is 18 years of age, suffers from immunosuppression and received three doses in the primary regimen (two doses and an additional dose) must take a new application with an interval of four months of the additional dose.

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