Rio approves a ‘Vini Jr’ law

Rio approves a 'Vini Jr' law

The state of Rio de Janeiro has approved a bill that provides for the cessation of football matches in the event of racist behavior, a first measure in this area in Brazil after the new insults suffered by Vinicius at the end of May in Mestalla.

The text, presented to the State Legislative Assembly, provides that “in the event of a complaint or proven racist conduct”, the matches are interrupted for a period of time defined by the organizer of the event, or they are suspended if the events are repeated or the work is done. of a group. Anyone can report a suspected racist act to authorities, the bill says.

It follows a new wave of racist attacks against Real Madrid’s Brazilian player Vinicius Jr, who was the target of racial slurs during a Spanish league match against Valencia in late May. The case caused a scandal, led to several arrests accompanied by harsh sanctions and fueled criticism of the Spanish federation.

The controversy “reinforced the need to create a policy that encourages respect as a protocol to combat racism in stadiums,” said the deputy and author of the bill, Prof. Josemar. Especially since in Brazil complaints of racism in stadiums increased by 40% in 2022, according to preliminary data from the Observatory of Racial Discrimination in Soccer.

The measure approved by the State of Rio (center) is thus part of the “policy + Vini Jr + to fight against racism”. It also provides for the dissemination of awareness campaigns during halftime and the implementation of public policies to help victims of racist acts.

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