Ricky Martin’s brother reveals who was the person who denounced the singer of domestic violence

Ricky Martin
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In recent days, the name of Ricky Martin has become a trend, but not because of something related to his successful career, but because of the controversy in which he has been involved after he was accused of domestic violence in his native Puerto Rico.

The island’s authorities recently issued a restraining order against the interpreter of “Maria”; however, the identity of the complainant has been kept anonymous, since the laws protect the victims of these crimes.

Despite this, a local media shared information about the complaint and revealed that the person pointing to the singer would be one of his nephews. Now the Puerto Rican’s brother, Eric Martin, has confirmed this version. However, things are not what they seem.

Complaint against Ricky Martin

In the documents that were leaked to the media, it is ensured that Ricky Martin had a relationship with the 20-year-old and that after it came to an end, the artist he began to look for him with such insistence that he came to his house. According to Eric’s statements, all this is completely false and a product of the mental problems that the boy suffers from.

“Instead of looking for who caused the evil to punish him, they should be looking for who caused the evil to rehabilitate him,” said the singer’s brother in a video that was taken up by the program The fat and the skinny.

He also stressed that the young man has been missing from the family for a long time and although he refused to reveal his name, he sent him a message.

“As all this spreads virally, if anyone has seen my beloved nephew, who has been missing from the family for a long time… this is a message for my nephew that his family loves him in his soul, that he has mental problems is another 20 pesos” , he added.

Finally, he made it clear that he is tired of keeping silent about what is happening in his family and defended the singer by ensuring that not everyone who is presumed to be a victim tells the truth, as is the case in this case.

“I have always said, be very careful with protection orders because not everyone who uses them is telling the truth,” he said.

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