Ricardo Monreal boasts a song in which his life story is told

Ricardo Monreal boasts a song in which his life story is told

Monreal has already expressed his interest in Morena’s candidacy for the presidency, but President Andrés Manuel López Obrador almost ruled him out, not even mentioning him as a presidential prospect.

Instead, he has listed half a dozen potential applicants, some of whom have expressed no interest in applying.

This Sunday on his Facebook account, Ricardo Monreal, also president of the Political Coordination Board (Jucopo) of the Chamber of Senators, released the video with the song, with the message “congratulations on the talent and ingenuity of the author, composition and musical. I found this video on the Morena TV internet portal.”

The video was uploaded to Morena TV’s Facebook on June 16 with the following caption: “They sent us this video, recent events have unleashed shows of support for Ricardo Monreal A.”

The song is illustrated with videos from different times and moments in the life of the legislator -even inside the church, crossing himself- and refers to the birth of Monreal in a rural population of Zacatecas, from a peasant family, his departure to Mexico City to study, and his political career: three times deputy, three times senator, as well as governor.

“He grew up in the field and planting, he started from the bottom, he learned effort and work from the land. Ricardo left the field with the fervent desire to study and prepare to help his people. And the years passed, but he did not erase his suitcase of dreams for a different country from his mind, ”says the song.

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