Ricardo Leonor will go before a judge for killing Raquelita's mother

Ricardo Leonor will go before a judge for killing Raquelita’s mother

Ricardo Antonio Leonor Abreu must answer today before the judge of the Office of Permanent Attention for the murder stabbed by her ex-mother-in-law and for injuring a son of her ex-partner, Kirsy Raquel Guerra Mella, popularly known as Raquelita.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office has requested that the accused be placed in preventive detention due to the danger that he represents in freedom, not only for Raquelitabut also for his son who is convalescing from the blows he received from this aggressor.

The accused, 41 years old, must answer in court for causing the death of his former mother-in-law Reyna Margarita Pérez Mella, 73 years old, and injuring Gustavo Rodríguez, 19 years old.

The fatal victim was the mother of Kirsy Raquel Guerra Mella, 40 years old, with whom the aggressor had fathered three children.

The hearing is scheduled to be heard at noon this Saturday at the Santo Domingo Este Palace of Justice, also known as the Charles de Gaulle prosecutor’s office.

about the facts

The Public Ministry confirmed that last year it had intervened in a conflict that led Mrs. Guerra Mella to file a complaint for aggression against Leonor Abreu, on January 24, 2021.

A statement establishes that the complaint arose from the intervention of the authorities, after the members of a unit of the 9-1-1 Emergency Service, which provided medical assistance to a person in the Residencial Fernández Oriental, noticed that a heated discussion that Leonor Abreu had with Guerra Mella, in relation to a business selling empanadas that they both had.

Last year’s process exhausted a protocol that included a psychological evaluation. Guerra Mella required a restraining order to protect her from the aggressor, which was granted, says the Public Ministry. However, the Prosecutor’s Office establishes that after the incident in January 2021, before its Unit for Attention to Victims of gender violenceIntrafamily and Sexual Crimes, no new complaints had been filed by any of the parties, family members or close friends.

Last Holy Thursday, Leonor Abreu barricaded herself in the house of Raquelita and there he gave 25 thrusts to his ex-mother-in-law and his ex-stepson.

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