Ricardo García Pintos from Un Solo Uruguay: The Astesiano and Penadés cases “are quarrels”

“The movement is working in silence with different groups,” the leader of Un Solo Uruguay, Ricardo García Pintos, told EL ECO from his farm on the outskirts of Florida.

He also pointed out that they are preparing a mobilization for “within a few days. It is for July 13 at 11:45 in the Legislative Palace, and we are inviting everyone. We are going to present a document in which we are seeing that the country is getting out of hand”.

“This is towards the people, we are people,” he said, “and we don’t feel represented by the rulers. They come to office and deal with superfluous things and do not attack the big issues that have afflicted us for decades.

So, on July 13, “we will read the document and make some progress in these days. We want to make our opinion known, because it seems to us that life as a country is going for us, a year and a half from the elections, ”he said.

The leader said he was “very concerned because this drought is going to show the structural problems that the country has, it is going to speed things up, there are many people who are helpless, like the Canelones horticulture that suffered a scandalous loss, I’m sure they feel helpless, they are silent, but they are knocked out by the effect of non-production, unemployment and the lack of reaction from the rulers”, he pointed out.

“Note that the opposition does not appear either, as there is a comfort zone. If there are chances that the Broad Front will return – which is very likely – they will surely be more of the same”.

Analysis of Garcia Pintos

“The left and the right no longer exist here,” he said, “the macroeconomic line is the same and Juan Pueblo pays the consequences. With an impressive social deterioration, with an education, where although there are excellent teachers, there are others who are masked and do terrible damage to the gurises”.

For García Pintos “we do not attack the substantive issues, because the fourth-grade issues are discussed. I don’t know how much was said about Lacalle’s bodyguard or Penadés, superfluous things, quarrels, fourth-rate problems and education is not attacked.

According to García Pintos, the One Uruguay movement is not going to stand still.

“We are the same, this government is exactly the same as the other, I don’t get into small things, but the big things are all in force. The size of the State is unsustainable, we give a blank check to the rulers, to the mayors, they put in 1,500 more employees and since they are immovable that garrón is eaten by the next one”.

There are other things, he points out, “the BPS realizes that within three months the Caja Bancaria does not have the money to pay pensions, we heard Mieres saying that a superintendency must be formed. All the boxes are a mess.”

The issue of the dollar is a consequence, he said, “they don’t know where to get their hands on anymore, the exchange rate delay is a hidden massive tax, just like the deductions in Argentina, it hits employment hard. The businessman who has a bowling alley with this dollar creates a sense of well-being for those who earn pesos, but they are plastic pesos.

García Pintos spoke of “a number of things that are unproductive, but what is inefficient has not been closed, like the Post Office, why do we want the post office, Ancap’s Portland, and there are the unions and the unionists themselves are an oligarch class. The Pit-Cnt is disastrous.

We had contact with other unions that are genuine unions that do not have that partisan color”.

As the current government pointed out, “they allow themselves to be managed by the unions. There has not been a return to union abuse that does not pursue the defense of workers’ rights and jobs have been lost because of the unions, ”he said.

Un Solo Uruguay remains angry because the President does not receive them “the president never received us, never and we have asked him for a meeting, but the Pit-Cnt gives it to him all the time.”

The entrance Ricardo García Pintos from Un Solo Uruguay: The Astesiano and Penadés cases “are quarrels” was first published on The Digital Echo.

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