Ricardo Arjona's fan showed her lingerie when the artist sang "Nude" in concert in Barranquilla

Ricardo Arjona’s fan showed her lingerie when the artist sang “Nude” in concert in Barranquilla

Fan of Ricardo Arjona in full concert.

The artist stopped his show to make a joking comment.

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Ricardo Arjona delighted his Barranquilla fans with a concert to bursting on Sunday, September 18 at the Golden Gate Convention Center, located near the Malecón del Río.

The Guatemalan singer performed his best hits like ‘Story of a taxi’, ‘History’, ‘It was you’, ‘The problem’, ‘I know you’, ‘Tell me no’ and a theme that can never be missing in their shows: “Naked.”

Wherever the Central American musician goes, this song causes wild sensations among his followers. Many of them go to their recitals prepared to take off their clothes and stay in lingerie when the artist begins to interpret the song.

«Naked, that there will be no design that suits you better Than that of your skin adjusted to your figure Naked, that there is no naive who wears a flower. It would be like covering her beauty, ”says the choir of this musical theme that is quite a romantic anthem.

This was the case in his last presentation in the capital of Atlántico.

A young woman who was at the concert revealed her lingerie when the artist did his show. Arjona’s fan sang the song at the top of her lungs while the other spectators shouted for her audacity.

Seconds later, Arjona realizes that something is happening in the audience and after searching through the “tide of people” he notices that young woman.

The singer interrupts his presentation and makes signs with his arms wondering: What’s going on?

Then, the ballad and pop singer continues his show and the audience goes crazy.

“Capable that the solo of Lady of four decades starts thinking about anything at the moment,” said the singer by microphone about one of his musicians who accompanied him on an unforgettable night for his fans in Colombia.

The following are the images of the moment that occurred during Ricardo Arjona’s show in Barranquilla:

It should be noted that this is not the first time that a fan of the artist takes off her clothes in full concert. To each country that the singer goes to offer his unique show, some of his fans decide to do this staging to steal the eyes of both the public and that of his favorite artist.

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Fan of Ricardo Arjona took off her clothes when the singer performed “Nude”

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