Revocation of mandate, horror in Bucha and Karime Macías in #LaSemanaResumida

Revocation of mandate, horror in Bucha and Karime Macías in #LaSemanaResumida

revocation of mandate

André already said it… No, not that André… Cough, cough…

André Bretón argued in 1938 that Mexico “is the most surreal country in the world”. And that he didn’t live in southern Mexico… or what was it like?

Comparing AMLO to Chávez (for the umpteenth time), but denying that AMLO’s pampered officials break the law by campaigning… has us in total ridiculous hysteria.

And although they call him the shepherd of his sheep, López Obrador has spent months with his crusade to promote the revocation of the mandate.

Since 2006 and the fraud that he denounced against him, López Obrador has kept it from the INE and that is why he gave him this little surprise…

And the opposition, which does not even know where to shoot, says that it is fed up with López Obrador, who is the worst president in history, but calls for people not to vote to remove him from power, because it was not the opposition who proposed the consultation and that it is just a strategy to confuse us all.

On the side of ‘cuatroteísmo’, the followers of the president who do not want him to go, collected millions of signatures to organize a referendum to revoke the mandate in which they will attend to vote for the president’s mandate not to be revoked.

I tell you, André Bretón was right: Mexico is the cradle of the absurd.

Revocation became ratification.

The old opponent fell into closure.

And the current opposition in desolation.

It only remains to wait for Sunday night to know what is worse: reality or fiction.

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