Reverol: civic-military union removes rubble and mud in Las Tejerías

Reverol: civic-military union removes rubble and mud in Las Tejerías

In civic-military-police union, work continues to remove the mud and debris dragged after the landslide that surprised the inhabitants of Las Tejerías, in the state of Aragua, after the overflow of five streams as a result of the constant and heavy rains.

“In civic-military-police union we continue in Las Tejerías working day and night in the rescue and care work of the affected areas as instructed by the President of the Republic @nicolasmaduro”, stressed the Minister for Public Works and Services, Néstor Reverol through his Instagram account.

More than a thousand active officials

Specifically, on the site are «more than a thousand officials in terms of public services”, who remain active executing recovery and maintenance tasks in eight work fronts, attending with 32 heavy machinery and 18 dump trucks, the various aspects in this community”, Reverol specified.

Likewise, there is a special team in Las Tejerías that supports the population in cleaning their homes, demonstrating solidarity with these families in times of adversity.

Voices of solidarity in Las Tejerías

“We are here trying to help the people of Las Tejerías as best we can with this tragedy that has just happened here. We already have three days giving it here as much as we can, “said one of the volunteers through the video posted on Instagram.

Likewise, a woman living in Las Tejerías said: «Solidarity and humanism, because they are trying to locate more survivors».

Minister Reverol stressed: “We continue forward and we will remain here until we reach the total recovery of this community in the state of Aragua.”

Recovered 95% of electrical service

Minister Néstor Reverol reported this Tuesday on the recovery of the electric service and mobile telephony, and the steps taken to restore water and waste collection services as quickly as possible.

“So far, we have recovered the 95% of the electrical service and 100% of the mobile telephony, in addition to coordinating the reestablishment of other services such as water and waste collection in the first phase of the work, and now the industrial zone continues,” Reverol highlighted on his Instagram account.

He also announced that collection centers have been distributed in the different sectors to facilitate the feeding and hydration of those affected.

Regarding the telephone signal, Movilnet announced the activation of the mobile base station to provide a 3G and 4G signal to the inhabitants of Las Tejerías. The trough devastated the company’s infrastructure in the area and they are working on its recovery.

«The ministries and attached entities that make up the Sectorial Vice Presidency of Public Works and Services, will remain in Las Tejerías until its full recovery. The entire Executive Cabinet joins in the attention for the integral recovery of Las Tejerías”, Reverol concluded.

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