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Revenue and Civil Police seize synthetic drugs in Galeão

Civilian police officers from the Rio de Janeiro International Airport Police Station and Federal Revenue agents seized, this Thursday (15), several synthetic drugs. The operation took place at the Domestic Post Office Center at Galeão Airport. The value of the seizure is around R$ 225 thousand. Revenue and Civil Police seize synthetic drugs in Galeão

The seized narcotics, which do not only include synthetic drugs, are: 2,729 kg of hashish, 1,719 kg of ecstasy, 22 cigarette holders with cannabis, 2,184 kg of MDMA, 123 g of cocaine, 90 NBOme stamps, 2,699 kg of marijuana and 541 g of marijuana crack. The agents also found around R$60,000 in fake banknotes, hidden inside a sound box.

The drugs were found in postal packages that would go from Rio de Janeiro to other states. The action counted on the team of scent dogs from the Division of Surveillance Repression of Smuggling and Embezzlement of the Federal Revenue Service in the 7th Fiscal Region, which includes the states of Rio and Espírito Santo.

The International Airport police station has been making arrests since the end of November. In previous actions, agents found the equivalent of R$ 3 million in narcotics, including ecstasy, marijuana, hashish, perfume launchers, cocaine and crack.

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