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Revalida 2022 applies second stage of tests today and tomorrow

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Revalida 2022 applies second stage of tests today and tomorrow

The application of the second stage of the National Exam for Revalidation of Medical Diplomas Issued by a Foreign Higher Education Institution (Revalida) 2022/1 takes place this Saturday (25) and Sunday (26). According to the National Institute of Educational Studies and Research Anísio Teixeira (Inep), the clinical skills test will take place in two periods: the first period, which started at 11 am, and the second, at 3 pm, Brasília time.

Through the Revalida System, the candidate can consult the registration confirmation card. In the document, the participant can check the time and place of application of the clinical skills test, registration number, among other information regarding the exam. Although it is not mandatory, Inep recommends that the participant bring the document on the two days of the test.


Participants must present themselves at the race venue with valid official photo identification, as provided for in the public notice, wearing a lab coat (preferably white) and wearing a protective mask, fully covering nose and mouth. Inep recommends that the protective mask be for professional use, in the N95 or PFF2 model.

“The use of a mask is mandatory throughout the participant’s stay at the race site, except for people with autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disability, sensory disabilities or any other disabilities that prevent them from properly using a mask, as provided for. in Law No. 14,019 of July 2, 2020”, highlighted Inep.

The candidate can take a spare mask to the test site for exchange during the application, in addition to personal food and medication. Only bottles and snacks in transparent and unlabeled packaging will be allowed.

According to the rules of the public notice, before entering the waiting room, the participant must keep, in the object holder envelope, the cell phone and any other electronic equipment, turned off, in addition to other unauthorized belongings, listed in the exam notice. The printed Declaration of Attendance, if necessary, must also be kept in the envelope, which must be sealed and identified, from the moment you enter the waiting room until you leave the exam venue.


With two stages, one theoretical and the other practical, which approach, in an interdisciplinary way, the five major areas of medicine: internal medicine, surgery, gynecology and obstetrics, pediatrics and family and community medicine (collective health). The purpose of the exam is to assess the skills, competences and knowledge necessary for the professional practice of medicine in accordance with the principles and needs of the Unified Health System (SUS).

The act of apostille of the revalidation of the diploma is attribution of the public universities that adhere to the unified instrument of evaluation represented by Revalida.

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