Retirements, purchase of equipment and pending promotions: priority for the current administration of the Fire Department

The weekly delivery of promotions in blocks to the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), giving priority to units that are close to retiring, and the expediting of purchases of personal and work equipment, are among the main advances of the current administration of the Meritorious Fire Department of the Republic of Panama (BCBRP).

Colonel Ernesto De León Echevers, general director in charge of the BCBRP, announced that upon his arrival at the institution he established a roadmap to fulfill the commitments in relation to pending promotions, of which 369 have already been processed.

He reiterated that the promotions are being sent to the MEF, through a schedule, which will be presented this week to the Firefighters Union for comparison.

He also announced that the Board of Firefighters, the institution’s highest authority, approved last week a resolution that validates the promotion audit.

De León pointed out that profound changes are being made in the Institution and that they will be communicated in due course in a transparent manner. The new administration only has 15 days, the previous one had not adequately managed the promotions, which are already being dealt with in a timely manner. We understand the discomfort but the work is being done and the Union was informed, he stressed.

Regarding the purchase of equipment, he said that they are working on a strategic plan focused on personal and work equipment and on the adaptation, remodeling and maintenance of the barracks. In this process, technical specifications are being verified to guarantee that the required equipment is acquired.

The fire chief assured that he is in conversation with the leadership of the Firefighters Union, to whom he asked for their support and the opportunity to work, since the processes are taking place, with significant advances. “I ask you to maintain sanity, peace and tranquility, the processes are being worked on,” he reiterated.

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