Retirees will exhaust the dialogue with the government until the inclusion of reforms to the Pension Law

Retirees will exhaust the dialogue with the government until the inclusion of reforms to the Pension Law

May 7, 2023, 3:50 PM

May 7, 2023, 3:50 PM

The National Confederation of Retirees in the Integral Pension System (CONALJUSIP) maintains the state of emergency until the central government agrees to incorporate the modifications to the Pension Law 065.
The sectoral decision was made recently in a national enlargement that was held in Oruro.

CONALJUSIP’s Secretary of Press and Propaganda, Asencio Cruz, confirmed to EL DEBER that it is expected resume dialogue with the government to attend to the proposed changes to the Pensions Law.
“That is why the state of emergency is maintained,” replied the leader.

The audience with the Minister of Economy and Finance, on April 28, did not achieve a rapprochement of the positions.

CONALJUSIP’s Secretary of Social Assistance, María Teresa Torrico, warned that if the government does not consider the modifications to the Pensions Law, the sector will have to go out to block the most important highways in the country.

The proposed dialogue with government authorities stopped the measure of pressure, Torrico said. Therefore, they maintain the emergency until they are heard by the executive.

The sector demands the annual update of the solidarity limits so that the minimum total pension is equal to the national minimum wage (SMN). It also includes other requests such as the lifetime disability pension for retirees from Laws 1732 and 065, reform of the Monthly Contribution Compensation (CCM) consistent with the cost of living and the family basket, among others.

Cruz mentioned that in the case of the CCM, the government offers only 0.07628% increase (Bs 0.76 for Bs 1,000) that will be added to the 1.48372% update with the UFV already applied since January.

“Other points remain pending solution, such as reviewing the CCM calculation formula and the accumulated savings pension (80 years instead of 110), the participation of contributors in the administration and supervision of the Public Manager, universal retirement with quadripartite contribution and others. In short, it is necessary to review the Pension Law,” the leader reaffirmed.

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