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Response of former Duque officials to Petro for works in Providencia

Response of former Duque officials to Petro for works in Providencia

President Gustavo Petro reviewed the reconstruction process in Saint Andrew and Providence, islands that were affected by the passage of Hurricane Iota in November 2020.

The president visited the area on Sunday, August 21, and said that there cost overruns in the construction of the houses that were built, that they came out for more than 600 million pesos, and that the citizenry was not taken into account, but more work was done on what has to do with concrete.

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He also criticized that the reconstruction works did not start with the adaptation of the local hospital, which even from the new government they pointed out that it is in a risk area.

This immediately generated a response from the previous government of former President Iván Duque.

Susana Correa, who was at the forefront of the process of rebuilding the islands, pointed out that it was a reactivation in harmony with ancestral cultural practices. He also recalled that 58 boats and more than 150 motors were purchased for the fishing community of the islands.

And about what it has to do with the economic reactivation, he said that “it is a fact“And what proof of this is that the tourists returned to Providencia and Santa Catalina.

The reconstruction of Providencia is not known in the ephemeral step of a morning, nor is it sustained by the information of a single voice. Strategic decisions embodied in management and planning instruments allowed a comprehensive intervention“, said the former Minister of Housing.

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For his part, Víctor Muñoz, former director of the Administrative Department of the Presidency, through a trill in which he mentioned President Petro, explained that in Providencia 737 VAL type houses were rebuilt with an average cost of 393 million and areas between 45 and 180 square meters.

Likewise, he mentioned that there are 330 refuge-type houses in metal and concrete structures with an average cost of 695 million pesos and with areas between 86 and 111 square meters, all resistant to hurricanes.


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