Respiratory symptoms keep 36 children hospitalized at the Pediatric Specialties Hospital

Thirty-six children are hospitalized for different respiratory symptoms at the “Omar Torrijos Herrera” Pediatric Specialties Hospital of the Social Security Fund (CSS), four of them are due to influenza and the others due to respiratory syncytial virus, rhinovirus, adenovirus and metapneumovirus.

Dr. Isis Castillo, epidemiology coordinator, said that influenza began to decline in the epidemiological curve that is followed in this hospital, however, other respiratory viruses have gained strength in the last week.

He stressed that there is no specific treatment against these respiratory viruses and what the “Omar Torrijos Herrera” Pediatric Specialties Hospital recommends is to maintain preventive measures, such as hand washing and the use of a mask in crowded places.

“To say that there is a control of the influenza virus is premature, it has only been declining for a week and must be sustained for three weeks; however, it is possible that the trend will continue, due to the massive vaccination carried out in recent weeks,” said the pediatrician.

The most vulnerable children are those with chronic diseases, mainly asthma, heart disease or being premature, so parents are recommended to go to vaccination centers before being exposed to the virus.

In case of presenting respiratory symptoms, such as constant cough, general malaise and sustained fever, visit a health facility to receive medical attention.

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