UN to award initiatives to repair ecosystems

Resolution creates chamber to qualify deforestation data

The Ministry of the Environment published, today (2), in the Official Gazette of the Union (DOU)a resolution which creates a thematic chamber to qualify data on deforestation and forest fires. The objective is to differentiate environmental crimes from other activities.Resolution creates chamber to qualify deforestation data

To carry out the work, the chamber will use official databases, including those of environmental monitoring programs and projects coordinated by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI), “especially in the areas of alteration of vegetation cover and fire” .

The collegiate will also have to consider, according to the text, the importance of promoting command and control actions and effective combat against environmental crimes; to promote public policies that promote sustainable economic development; and the qualification of data on illegal deforestation and suppression of native vegetation for national economic policies.

In addition to representing the MMA, which will coordinate the work, the chamber will be formed by representatives of the ministries of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply; of Defense; of Economy; and Justice and Public Security.

The deadline for the completion of the work will be one year, counting from the date of the first meeting of the collegiate.

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