Moradores en Piantini piden ADN fiscalice uso de espacio público

Residents in Piantini ask for DNA to control the use of public space

Santo Domingo.- Residents of the Piantini sector of the National District, who live around the ALORICA company, located on Juan Barón Fajardo Street #269, have expressed their constant complaints about misbehavior by their employees, since according to what they say They do not let them sleep making noises when leaving work, with loud music in their vehicles at dawn.

The Piantini sector complains about the company’s lack of empathy, to which they have sent several letters asking them to instruct their employees to behave better in the community environment, but they have ignored their requests .

It is in this sense that they request the intervention of the National District Mayor’s Office (ADN), since up to 3 different vehicles are parked on this street to sell breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, which creates unhealthiness in the area and blockages. , which are classified as improper use of public spaces.

“We call on the Mayor of the National District, our Mayor Carolina Mejía, to audit the use of public spaces and instruct compliance in this area,” said Silvio María, who lives in front of the aforementioned company and says she is affected. by the situation.

In the same way, they requested that the aforementioned street where the company operates be patched, which, according to what they say, has been pending for years.

Several condominiums in the area have expressed the same complaints, which is why they ask for the intervention of ALORICA executives, as well as ADN, to find a solution.

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