Residents deliver food to families of political prisoners in Masaya

Residents deliver food to families of political prisoners in Masaya

“Juanita” is the wife of a political prisoner from Masaya and in the last days of December she was surprised to receive a food package for her Christmas and New Year dinner that the community gathered for her.

A friend told him about the contribution by phone. Very happy, she made food that she shared with her family the day she visited him in the prisons of La Modelo de Tipitapa, where she is being held for opposing the Daniel Ortega regime.

Although he yearns with all his heart to be able to see his relative free, since he has not participated in the Christmas dinner at his house for three Christmases, he thanked the population for the gesture that alleviated part of his suffering and the prayers for the difficult situation they are facing. going.

Residents and relatives of political prisoners in Nicaragua demand the freedom of the opponents. Photo: File.

“Although my heart aches every day due to the absence of my husband, I want to thank the people who made this help possible, which is very useful because they have registered family members and that’s why we can’t get a job, so we appealed to the heart of the people of Nicaragua to continue supporting each family of political prisoners in one way or another,” asked “Juanita.”

under siege

She explained that since her husband was kidnapped, the siege on the family has not stopped and the Ortega fanatics keep an eye on them, so that on many occasions, it is even difficult for them to obtain the financial resources to deliver the parcels to their detainees.

Another relative of a prisoner of conscience from Masaya was very strengthened by the Christmas help and prayed for the people who took this initiative to support them. “May they always be blessed for taking action to support their fellow human beings,” he said.

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“I sincerely wish that God bless you for this noble gesture towards us, we thank you for this enormous effort because the cost of living is not easy in Nicaragua, also because they also risk their physical integrity and that of their families by contriving in sending us this food package”, added the beneficiary.

Human and Christian gesture

A citizen of this department, who was part of the committee that organized the collection of aid and asked to speak anonymously for fear of political retaliation, indicated that this gesture is a “human and Christian” action with the intention of sharing with his peers, and above all with the people who suffer the most.

“Those of us who are free and are working believe that we have a duty to help a little to alleviate food shortages, especially the relatives of political prisoners. A group of people aware of this reality met to contribute each one from his possibilities. Some relatives were helped, not all of Masaya, because for some citizens it is becoming increasingly difficult to donate ”, he explained.

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He stressed that the purpose of this aid is not to obtain some political advantage, but to be consistent with those most in need, for this reason he urged the population not to abandon the relatives of political prisoners in Nicaragua and to be encouraged to help not only at Christmas, but at any time, either with food or economically, so they must identify those who have prisoners of conscience in each area or community, contact them and send them help either personally or through someone they trust.

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