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Reserves fall by more than $300 million between February and April

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Reserves fall by more than $300 million between February and April

July 6, 2023, 11:05 PM

July 6, 2023, 11:05 PM

Five months after the last publication of the statistics on Net International Reserves (RIN) the Central Bank of Bolivia (BCB) returned to report on the official data that was published every week before February. According to the issuing entity itself, the NIR of the country reached, as of April 30 of this year, $us 3,158 million, between currencies and gold.

“Art. 9 Paragraph IV of Law 1503, establishes a quarterly periodicity to inform the Plurinational Legislative Assembly about operations with gold reserves, informs the public that the Net International Reserves (NIR) as of April 30, 2023 reach $us 3,158 million”, justifies a BCB bulletin.

February 17 was the last time the entity published the status of the RIN and at that time it published that the reserves were at $3,538 million; This Thursday he published the figure of $ us 3,158 million, but with data from two months and one week ago, therefore, the current country’s level of reserves remains a mystery.

“The data recorded during the first four months of this year show that the country has successfully overcome the speculative process fed by analysts and political spokespersons, which was disseminated on social networks and reproduced by some media and which tried to alarm the population”, another part of the statement states without warning that It is already transiting through July 6 and its data is from April.

less than a week ago Moody’s Investors Service risk rating agency lowered its credit outlook on Bolivia from “ratings under review” to “negative” because political and economic conflicts of Bolivia generate greater credit risks, indicated that international entity.

Specialists and politicians had demanded from the Government know the reality of international reserves that occur together with the approval of the regulation for the purchase of gold through the Central Bank of Bolivia and that took two months to be elaborated and agreed upon.

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