Republicans’ accusation against Minister Siches loses ground: Chile Vamos rules out supporting them

The parties of Chile Vamos removed ground from the constitutional accusation announced by the Republican Party against the Minister of the Interior, Izkia Siches. From the opposition bloc they indicated that they do not share “the moment or the way” to advance in the accusatory libel.

“It is true that the Minister of the Interior, Izkia Siches, has committed serious mistakes and failed in her duty to lead actions against violence and crime. Thus, the same citizenry is the one that is critically evaluating her suitability and capacity for the position “said the deputy Jorge Alessandri (UDI), while reading a joint statement from the coalition.

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In addition, they pointed out that in the previous period “constitutional tools were abused, contributing to weaken the credibility of Parliament and immersing Chile in disputes that end up diverting the focus from social emergencies.”

Although they indicated that they do not rule out using the accusation mechanism in the future, they pointed out that “we do not share the moment or the way to advance in this constitutional accusation,” they emphasized.

They also called the government of President Gabriel Boric to “amend the course and advance in the legislative agenda and concrete actions to confront” the acts of violence.

The accusation

The bench of deputies of the Republican Party announced on Tuesday the constitutional accusation against Siches.

Deputy Luis Sanchez He said at a press point that the interior minister “has repeatedly refused to apply the law in our country.”

“Our legal advisers are preparing the indictment document, being very transparent, until now we have not set a deadline, but we believe that by the time the district week returns, sufficient background information will be ready,” Sánchez said at the time.

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