Republican Party entered constitutional accusation against minister Giorgio Jackson

Yesterday afternoon, the Republican Party entered a constitutional accusation against the Minister of Social Development, Giorgio Jacksonfor violations or non-execution of the Constitution, operation of local Childhood services, violating the principle of probity, among other matters.

Deputy johannes kaiser He explained in a video uploaded to his social networks that the accusation is also based on “the impartiality within the Environmental Impact Assessment System (SEIA) for having accused a government official of a crime as a reason for dismissal from the position, omitting as true cause the illicit and illegal instructions that he gave to said official.”

The case to which the legislator alludes corresponds to the former Metropolitan Social Development Secretary, Patricia Hidalgo, who accused having received “undue pressure” from the Government to approve projects with which she did not agree in the Evaluation Committee of the Environmental Evaluation Service.

Subsequently, the Ministry of Social Development indicated in a statement that the Government requested Hidalgo’s resignation due to a loss of confidence “for having formally disregarded the presentation of complaints, an issue that is the obligation of all political authorities and public officials, given indications of the alleged rape of a girl in an area that cares for people living on the street.”

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