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Repression against MONR activists: “It is a reckoning for State Security”

Havana Cuba. – Cuban activist Mileidys Rodríguez Mas, delegate of the Movement of Opponents for a New Republic (MONR)denounced in an interview with CubaNet that State Security maintains a repressive wave against her and her family.

“Yesterday 6 [de febrero] around 9:00 in the morning, I was arrested by the alleged agent [de la Seguridad del Estado] Robert and a policeman, supposedly for the crime of committing a crime. He says that I was inciting the people to leave through my publications [en redes sociales]”, said the activist to this outlet.

“I was taken to the Sixth Unit of the Marianao Police and then to Capri, in Arroyo Naranjo. There they threatened me that they were going to make me disappear, and that my son [encerrado en la prisión Jóvenes de Occidente] They were going to disappear it for another province”, denounced Rodríguez Mas.

In addition, the interviewee added that after the threats made during the interrogation, the State Security agent proposed that she “work for them” as an informant and that, in exchange, she and her family would obtain “benefits” from the island’s regime, a proposal that the activist flatly rejected, she said.

“The purpose of my detention was to recruit me to work for them; They gave me a piece of paper for me to sign and they told me that just like that they were going to release my son, that he would be home that night. I told them that I am not going to work for them or for anyone else, ”he specified.

The arrest lasted about eight hours. Before being released, the authorities imposed a fine of 7,000 pesos on Rodríguez Mas for “instigation to commit a crime” and another 150 pesos for public disorder.

However, the stub of the 7,000-peso fine does not have the parameters established by law, since it does not present the date on which it was imposed and, furthermore, it does not have the signature of the acting officer, as he was able to corroborate. CubaNet.

Rodríguez Más added that the officers entered his social media accounts without his authorization and that they sent some messages to Jose Diaz SilvaMONR leader, currently exiled.

“They wrote to Díaz Silva and told him in a threatening way that I was not going to get out of there and that my situation was serious,” he said.

On February 17, 2022, Rodríguez Mas and her husband, José David Hernández Ferrer, both members of MONR, were arrested during a State Security operation deployed at their home, located in the Arroyo Naranjo municipality. On that occasion they were detained for two months under police investigation.

On November 11, 2022, the son of the opposition couple, Kendry Lastra Rodríguez, was arrested and sent to the Jóvenes de Occidente prison, in Guatao, where he awaits trial.

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