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Report ‘copy page’ of the Bicameral: “All this responds to an electoral maneuver”

According to doctor Jorge Querey, Fernando Lugo cannot move on his own, speak or breathe independently. In addition, the timing and level of recovery are uncertain. However, for now he lacks inability for his candidacy, according to the TSJE.

“Until now There is no reason to take Lugo out, just because he is sick does not mean he is disabled.He does not have any disability, just as he is sick, he can recover, ”explained the advisor to the TSJE, Luis Alberto Mauro, in communication with radio Universo 970 AM – Nación Media.

He added that, por more than it is clinically predictable that the person will not be able to return to normal, The Constitution does not contemplate an impediment in these cases.

The electoral schedule sets October 21 for the communication of the substitutions of pre-candidates by resignation, disability or death of the same, for the purposes of updating the voting software.

once youOnce that time has elapsed, the names of the candidates will remain permanently on the digital list, despite any subsequent changes.

Alberto Mauro pointed out that when dealing with inmates, lThe party statutes are the ones that govern the elections and that they will be the ones who must make the decision in this type of situation, such as that of Fernando Lugo.

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Dr. Jorge Querey, Fernando Lugo’s family physician, confirmed that there are no big news about the health of the former president, and that continues in the path of recovery, which can be medium or prolonged.

There are three aspects evaluated: the motor, respiratory and neurological parts. Regarding the first, is able to move all four limbs, the right side a little more than the left. In the second, it is tolerating six to seven hours without a respirator and then put back on. In the third, they are made motor or neurostimulation exercises two to three times a day.

“You’re lifting him out of bed, he’s sitting on a couch has a tendency to sleep for a long time, when he wakes up he responds to simple commands, but with babbling, He still doesn’t speak because he has a tracheotomy,” said Querey,

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