Repair work on the Hidrocapital pipeline in La Guairita is 85% complete

Repair work on the Hidrocapital pipeline in La Guairita is 85% complete

The failure in the main pipe of Hidrocapital affected homes in La Guairita and left several areas of three municipalities without water

The president of the Municipal Council of Baruta, Luis Eduardo Aguilar, reported this Saturday, April 9, through Twitter that there was little left to complete the work on the feeder tube that burst in recent days, but it is still unknown when the work will end.

He announced that they are 85% complete in the works and said that they are waiting for what they are going to do with the pumping cycle once they finish making the corresponding repairs.

Earlier, Aguilar pointed out that the Hidrocapital crews continue to work to correct the fault presented in the main tube of the southern feeder, belonging to the Tuy II System, which harmed several families in the La Guairita sector and left various sectors in three without water. municipalities of the Metropolitan Area of ​​Caracas.

The councilman explained that by 1:40 pm the welding of the sheets had already been carried out to readjust the 30-inch pipe, as well as detailing that work had begun on the third and final stage of the repairs. However, they did not give a precise date when the work would end. However, the Barutenian councilor believes that Hidrocapital will tune up the pipeline by the end of the afternoon.

Hydrocapital reported in the evening hours of Thursday April 7 that a fault was recorded in a 30-inch pipe from the south feeder; which was evidenced in the La Guairita sector near the Cementerio del Este. This structure supplies water to the municipalities of Baruta, El Hatillo and Sucre.

In this sense, the hydrological company implied that the water supply will be affected in several sectors of the aforementioned municipalities due to this failure in that Tuy II System tube. He noted that crews are working to fix the problem.

The rupture of this main tube caused problems in several houses around the affected area of ​​La Guairita, leaving at least 70 people and 25 houses damaged. Residents of these places stated that they would sleep under the open sky in the area.

The residents reported who have been making complaints about it for more than a yearbut they were ignored.

We need to remember that in 2018 a similar event occurred in the area of ​​La Guairita when a main tube broke that harmed the people who live along the one that leads to the Cemetery of the East and that allows the connection with the El Cafetal urbanization. At that time, a little more than 60 people -including children and adults- were affected, although the repair work was they did in just over 48 hours.

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