"Repair slavery by reducing foreign debt," proposed Vice President Francia Márquez at the UN

“Repair slavery by reducing foreign debt,” proposed Vice President Francia Márquez at the UN

In the Permanent Forum of Afro-descendants before the UN, Francia Márquez proposed the cancellation of the foreign debt as “historical reparation to black peoples.”

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Vice President Francia Márquez during her participation in the UN forum, left a very clear message, the call to dignify the black peoples of the world and allow Africa to reconnect with their communities, but she asked to go beyond the recommendations and act, for example with the external debt of the countries that suffered slavery and colonization.

The vice president says that «our countries that continue to pay foreign debt to colonizing countries and Countries that have been committed to slavery have not allowed us to live with dignity.”

In addition, that it be applied in other countries where peoples “have suffered colonialism, transatlantic trafficking and slavery,” he pointed out.

What was proposed by Francia Márquez, vice president, has not lacked controversy.

Many applaud him for “the courage to go and speak about these issues before the world”, in a setting in which a similar proposal had never been made before.

Others, however, think that it is an “absurd” request.

There are many comments after proposing that Colombia’s foreign debt be canceled as an act of reparation for black communities.

Finally, it highlights that to achieve significant progress in equality and equity, it must be carried out with real actions that require investment and cooperation.

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