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Rental prices rise 0.10% in October

Rental prices rise 0.10% in October

The Residential Rent Variation Index (Ivar) had inflation of 0.10% in October this year. In September, the indicator had deflated (price drop) of 0.02%, according to Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV).

As a result, the rate accumulated in 12 months went from 11.37% in September to 11.56% in October. The index is calculated by FGV based on the variation in prices charged for rentals in four cities: São Paulo, Rio of JanuaryPorto Alegre and Belo Horizonte.

In São Paulo, there was the biggest monthly decrease of the Ivar, changing from -0.18% in September to -0.69% in October. In the river of Januarythere was also a decrease, but the index continued to have inflation because it went from 0.77% to 0.04%.

In the other two cities, Ivar increased of September for october. In Porto Alegre, it went from -0.37% to 1.10%. In Belo Horizonte, the indicator rose from 0.26% to 0.86% in the period.

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