El actor Jean-Louis Trintignant (1930-2022). Foto: Le Point.

Renowned French actor Jean-Louis Trintignant dies at 91

Prominent French actor Jean-Louis Trintignant has died at the age of 91. According to the French news agency AFP, he died yesterday in his sleep at his home in Uzès, France, where he had lived for the last thirty years.

Born in 1930 in Piolenc, France, he studied law in Aix-en-Provence before beginning his acting career. After venturing into the theater, he moved on to the movies in the mid-1950s. He had his first big break in 1956, no less than in the film Y God created the womanwith Brigitte Bardot.

Trintignant starred in movies like the romance A Man and a Toman from 1966The Conformist from 1970 and under fire 1973. He also won the Best Actor award at the Cannes Film Festival for Z (1969), among numerous awards.

He had a career that spanned nearly seven decades and various mediums and genres. In more recent years, he was known for his starring role in Love (2012).

French President Emmanuel Macron called him a “tremendous artistic talent” who “accompanied our lives a little through French cinema.”

Speaking about his health, Trintignant previously said after revealing he had cancer: “Getting old is just one in a series of problems… But in the end, it was good that he kept me alive for so long. I got to meet a lot of interesting people.”

In the film Z (1969), by Costa Gavras. Photo: Moviebreak.

Trintignant is survived by his wife Marianne, whom he married in 2000, and their son Vincent. He was preceded in death by his daughters Pauline, who died in 1970 at the age of 9 months, and actress Marie Trintignant, who died in 2003 at the age of 41.

For his performances, he enjoyed tremendous popularity in Cuba.

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